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Finding Your Future in Food Systems
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST

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In this popular and free webinar series, NAFSN provides participants with connections and insights to help them identify next steps for their careers. This four-part series for Spring 2024 highlights job creators across the food systems profession.

In this episode, we feature: 

Marion Mosby, Graphic Designer, Tennessee State University SNAP-Ed

Marion is a graphic designer for Tennessee State University’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP Ed) program and a lead creative of the TSU SNAP-Ed Diversity Photo Database. This database is a collection of professional images, taken by the TSU SNAP-Ed team, of individuals, families, and communities of color engaged in exercise, healthy eating, shopping, playing, and enjoying family time together. The database can be licensed by other SNAP-Ed agencies to increase representation in their programs. 

LOCATION: Nashville, Tennessee 



David Gianino, Program Manager, Office of Plant Industry Services, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services


David Gianino has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in horticulture from the University of Georgia with a focus on organic agriculture production, control environment systems and efficient lighting for greenhouse production. David serves as the Program Manager for the Office of Plant Industry Services at the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The office is responsible for protecting Virginia consumers through various

inspection programs, including nursery and apiary inspections, as well as registration and inspection of animal feed, seed, fertilizer, liming products. Additionally, the office focuses on surveying, identifying, and managing invasive species, implementing early detection measures. David’s day-to-day responsibilities are diverse. He collaborates with state partner organizations, different state and federal agencies, and institutions such as Virginia Tech and Cooperative Extension. He also liaises with other state agriculture departments and is a member of the National Plant Board, a non-profit whose mission is to provide regulatory oversight for plant pests. Beyond these collaborations, David ensures that inspection staff are well-equipped with the necessary tools and software in the field, staff are trained and educated on how to perform their work tasks, and that staff are diligently performing all required inspections. With an appreciation for the ever-evolving nature of the challenges presented to the department, he finds genuine satisfaction in his work. Whether contending with a new pest, addressing a new disease, or assisting a new business seeking product approval, each day presents fresh and meaningful challenges. His focus extends beyond the immediate tasks, demonstrating a sincere concern for the environmental and ecological impacts of their work. For David, this isn’t just a role—it’s a dedicated commitment to the well-being of Virginia’s agricultural landscape and economic vitality, all while protecting Virginia’s agriculture and environments.

LOCATION: Richmond, Virginia


Raghela Scavuzzo, Associate Director of Food Systems Development, Illinois Farm Bureau

Raghela Scavuzzo is dedicated to transforming the food system, ensuring universal access to fresh and wholesome foods with equitable pricing for farmers. Beginning her journey as the Local Foods Program Manager at the Illinois Farm Bureau in 2017, Scavuzzo spearheaded the management and development of all local foods policy and programs. She initiated strategic plans, voiced key initiatives, conducted training, and led local campaigns. Offering support to farmers through business development, regulation reform, and advocacy became a pivotal aspect of her role. Since 2019, Raghela has held the position of Associate Director of Food Systems Development at the Bureau. In this role, she actively contributes to developing and implementing programs and projects aimed at assisting Farm Bureau members and industry stakeholders in food system business development and specialty crop production. Her focus extends to fostering viable markets for small to midsize farmers through activities such as market development, advocacy, policy reform, and training. Raghela’s overarching goal is to collaboratively revolutionize global eating habits.

LOCATION: Bloomington, Illinois