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Finding Your Future in Food Systems
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST

Event Description

In this popular and free webinar series, NAFSN provides participants with connections and insights to help them identify next steps for their careers. This four-part series for Spring 2024 highlights job creators across the food systems profession.

In this episode, we feature: 

Joe SewallCo-Executive Director for Operations and Administration, Central Coast Food Web


Joe presently serves as the Co-Executive Director of Operations and Administration at Central Coast Food Web, a newly founded organization established in 2023. Leveraging his MBA in Social Impact and extensive experience in non-profit administration and programming, he is driven to enhance the local food system in his hometown. Joe is actively engaged in constructing infrastructure and overseeing facilities at the Yaquina Lab, dedicated to facilitating local producers in efficiently processing harvests and managing inventory.



Nathalie America MunozCommunity Engagement Program Manager, Berkeley Food Institute 

Nathalie A. Muñoz, (UC Berkeley 18') is the Community Engagement Program Manager for Berkeley Food Institute, a UC Berkeley interdisciplinary research center focusing on urban and rural agroecology, fair and healthy jobs, racial equity in the food system, and good food access. Nathalie is tasked with weaving community engagement into BFI's research, education, and policy programs. As a first-generation transfer student at Cal, Nathalie also contributed as a student researcher for the Berkeley Food Institute on the Foodscape Mapping Project. Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Nathalie's passion is deeply rooted in her heritage as the descendant of a Bracero farmworker, fueling her commitment to amplify the voices of marginalized individuals in the food labor force. Bringing a unique perspective and dedicated advocacy to the intersection of environmental sciences, food systems, and social justice, Nathalie stands as a passionate advocate.

LOCATION: Berkeley, California


Lina Ghanem, Executive Director, Saba Grocers Initiative 

Lina Ghanem serves as the Executive Director of Saba Grocers Initiative, an initiative that establishes the food supply-chain infrastructure to empower small immigrant businesses with access to economies of scale. Through collaborative partnerships with Resident Leaders, the initiative directs financial support to residents for food purchases at nearby corner stores. As a versatile leader, Lina is dedicated to community organizing, local policy advocacy, and implementing local solutions to address public health and economic injustices within the food supply chain. With a background in public health research and policy, her motivation stems from personal health conditions related to diet and sugar consumption. In 2019, she successfully organized store owners to support the Soda Tax. Prior to her current role, Lina contributed to a research grant funded by the National Institute of Health, investigating the operations of Alcohol and Tobacco industries in corner stores, leading to the publication of several peer-reviewed articles on this subject. 

LOCATION: Oakland, California